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What is Dr. Angie's

Dental Health Exchange?



Dr. Angie’s Dental Health Exchange is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates access to dental care for underserved populations by linking volunteer dental professionals with patients who earn treatment through community service.

This pay-it-forward program will get you connected with a dentist when you have a dental problem and are unable to afford treatment.

Patients get care, hospital emergency department visits are avoided and the entire community benefits. 


Dr. Angela Hazlewood Murat, DDS, was a young South Bend, IN dentist who lost a battle with cancer in 2011.  This program was named for Dr. Angie, who had the desire to help patients unable to afford dental care.

To Qualify

Inability to afford dental care



No dental insurance

• No Medicaid

• Limited income, with verification (Accepted,
  but not limited to: Financial Evaluation Approval

  Letter, Care Card and VPN card) 

• Must be at least 18 years of age

• Must have photo identification

Provided Treatments


* Urgent dental care

• Pain Relief

• No cosmetic procedures

Program Process

Before your first appointment



1.  Contact the Dr. Angie’s Program
2.  Attend an orientation to:
        • Confirm eligibility
        • Receive oral health tools
        • Complete medical history form
        • Sign rights and responsibilities
3.  We make your appointment for emergency exam.
4.  Complete community service, then we'll make 
     appointments for:
        • Extractions or fillings
        • Comprehensive exam with X-rays and
          dental treatment plan
        • Completion of dental care

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