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Program Design 

The foundation of Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange (DADHE) is a commitment among community dentists to join together to serve individuals with the greatest and most urgent needs, regardless of their ability to pay. A key component is that the load is shared equitably among those participating so that no one dentist bears an undue burden. 


Dentists make a commitment of personal significance.  Your practice, your schedule, and your preferences are unique, and our program allows you to contribute in the way that works best for you.  


You have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the life of someone who is suffering from dental pain and infection.  In turn, your gift to the patient is multiplied in the community as the patient volunteers at local nonprofit agencies in the community.  


Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange cannot exist wthout the participation of dentists in the community.  By joining together with many community partners, we can assist in addressing the lack of dental care for the most vulnerable populations and we can change the way the uninsured experience dental care in our community.  


Our Commitment to Dentists


Dr. Angie's Dental Health Exchange will:


  • Work with each dentist to determine his/her preference with regard to scheduling visits for DADHE patients;

  • Work with each dentist to determine his/her procedure preferences; 

  • Schedule and confirm all appointments according to your preferences;  

  • If a DADHE patient fails an appointment, we will pay the dentist a $35 no-show fee. (We have zero tolerance policy);

  • Provide program orientation to dentists and staff; 

  • Provide secure login to DADHE electronic dental records system;

  • Work with patients to identify and remove barriers to care, including transportation and language translation;  

  • Track the return on investment to the community.



Each dentist who joins DADHE:


  • Commits to a schedule, of their own choosing, to see DADHE patients;

  • Uses our secure electronic dental records program to share patient treatment records;

  • Provides information to DADHE (such as no-shows, services provided, and feedback), so that we can evaluate and adjust the program.  




We believe strongly in the value of each individual. Those who receive help through the DADHE have the ability to make a valuable contribution to their community. They do so by providing community volunteer service at local nonprofit organizations.




In order to ensure that the volume of need decreases over time, we believe it is important to increase the frequency and quality of oral health education among those we serve. Accordingly, every recipient of help through the DADHE completes an oral health education class, receives one-on-one training with a dental professional, and is given a dental care kit.

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